The Oncotype DX® Colon Recurrence Score Result

The Oncotype DX Colon Recurrence Score harnesses the genomic information in each patient’s colon tumor to yield the Colon Recurrence Score result, which has been validated as an independent, quantitative predictor of individual colon cancer recurrence risk.

  • The continuous Colon Recurrence Score value, which ranges from 0 to 100, provides quantitative information for an individual patient that has independent value beyond existing clinical and pathological measures.
  • The Colon Recurrence Score result can be incorporated with the patient’s other clinical features to develop a treatment plan that is most appropriate for the individual colon cancer patient. Patients with high Colon Recurrence Score values are expected to derive larger absolute benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy than patients with low Recurrence Score values.
  • In the QUASAR validation study, the association of continuous Colon Recurrence Score values with recurrence in Stage II colon cancer patients following surgery was highly significant (p=0.004). The solid blue curve depicts the relationship of continuous Colon Recurrence Score value to 3 year recurrence risk, demonstrating a near linear relationship with higher Colon Recurrence Score value associated with higher colon cancer recurrence risk.


  • In the prospectively-designed NSABP C-07 validation study a significant relationship between the continuous 12-gene Colon Recurrence Score value and recurrence risk in Stage II and III patients treated with 5FU/LV or 5FU/LV + oxaliplatin was observed. The Colon Recurrence Score result provides significant information beyond number of nodes examined, pathologic T stage, tumor grade and MMR status. Absolute benefit from the addition of oxaliplatin was greater in the high Colon Recurrence Score group than in the low Colon Recurrence Score group.

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