Use Oncotype DX® Colon Recurrence Score to Identify Your Patients' Risk of Recurrence

Based on the biology of your patient’s specific tumor, quantitative information about recurrence risk may help inform individualized adjuvant treatment decisions for patients with either Stage II or Stage III colon cancer. The Oncotype DX Colon Recurrence Score is a 12-gene assay that provides an individualized score reflective of the risk of colon cancer recurrence in these patients.

With prior documentation of your Stage II patient's tumor stage (ie, T3 or T4) and known DNA mismatch repair (MMR) status [ie, MMR Proficient (MMR-P) or MMR Deficient (MMR-D)], you can determine your patient’s clinically important risk group for tumor recurrence using the results of the Oncotype DX Colon Recurrence Score.

The Oncotype DX Colon Recurrence Score has the greatest utility for the patient whose stage II colon cancer is stage T3 and whose DNA mismatch repair (MMR) status is MMR Proficient (MMR-P), and for the patient with Stage III A/B colon cancer.

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